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Doug Fabian

Podcast Host / Economic Freedom Expert
For more than three decades, Doug Fabian has been helping investors find their next step to achieving their financial dreams and is committed to making a positive difference in their financial lives.

Doug’s personal journey in finance began when he went to work for his father’s investment publishing firm as a research analyst. The mission of their publication was to educate readers about no-load mutual funds. Doug moved from research and editorial, to marketing and ultimately to public speaking and radio - where he found his passion for educating others about money. This is where Doug’s positive attitude, and individualized approach toward each investor, combined with his contagious enthusiasm has helped and motivated scores of individuals to set a plan in place to reach out to achieve their unique financial goals.

Doug’s passion and skill as a public speaker landed him an opportunity to host a financial talk radio show in Los Angeles about money and finance. Doug spent 12 years on traditional radio and then moved his show to the internet and the then emerging podcast format in 2011.

During his tenure in radio, Doug also working with individuals and families as their wealth manager through his company Fabian Wealth Strategies. In 2017, Mercer Advisors asked Doug to join their firm and develop a new podcast called The Science of Economic Freedom. This opportunity to work with the talented professionals at Mercer Advisors and host this podcast is Doug’s dream job.

Donald Calcagni, CFP®, MST

Podcast Contributor
As Chief Investment Officer of Mercer Advisors, Don’s primary responsibilities include setting the strategic direction of the firm’s investment offerings, stewarding the firm’s assets under management, and acting as firm liaison to clients and institutional partners alike. He is an expert in the areas of financial mathematics, corporate finance, portfolio management, and taxation. A renowned thought leader, Don produces the CIO Forum, a weekly market outlook and commentary that explores markets, economic developments, and other issues impacting client portfolios. He also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals and as Adjunct Professor of Taxation at Widener University. Don earned his MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago and his Masters in Taxation from Widener University.

Jeremiah H. Barlow, JD

Podcast Contributor
Jeremiah oversees the Family Office Group at Mercer Advisors, and serves as the firm’s lead trust and tax attorney. He provides clients with strategic advice in the areas of trust, tax, and wealth succession planning. Prior to joining Mercer Advisors, Jeremiah owned a law practice that specialized in estate planning. He earned his Political Science degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, and his Juris Doctor from Western Michigan University. Jeremiah lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and two sons.

Mercer Advisors

Mercer Advisors, the technical experts behind the Science of Economic Freedom podcast, provides high net worth investors with a complete continuum of services: financial planning, investment management, tax planning and return preparation, corporate trustee, and estate planning. As the think tank for The Science of Economic Freedom, Mercer Advisors takes a comprehensive wealth management approach that integrates investment science, planning wisdom, and individualized goal setting. It is then that wealth strategies can evolve in step with life.   

Mercer Advisors believes individuals have the most to gain by looking at their financial lives holistically. Through a dedicated and trusted relationship, they are able to hone in on individualized objectives and craft opportunities that meet them. Mercer Advisors’ wealth management philosophy synchronizes advice, services, and coaching with life in order to establish, maintain, and extend an enduring legacy of growth.

Wealth Coaching

Discover your opportunities to grow wealth. It takes an expert Wealth Coach who is also a financial professional to bring clarity to your goals and help you establish a clear pathway to making sound financial decisions.

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