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Welcome to The Science of Economic Freedom Podcast Website

Achieving your financial dreams and finding peace of mind. That’s economic freedom! In order to achieve it, it’s important to understand what it looks like, what it feels like, and what you must do to get there. The Science of Economic Freedom is dedicated to educating the American public on how to be better stewards of their money with the science-based, technical expertise of Mercer Advisors and their 30 years of helping clients reach their financial goals. You don’t need to be a Mercer Advisors client to learn and become a better investor. Your journey to economic freedom can begin today.

What is the Science of Economic Freedom?
Doug Fabian | Podcast Host / Economic Freedom Expert


Play it by ear to learn about everything related to the tools for financial prosperity, based on the science behind achieving economic freedom. Personal finance tips revealed each week.

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For financial articles, this is the no muss no fuss source for educating yourself on investing, financial planning, estate and tax issues and how to protect the wealth you have built so far.

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